what’s the point of it all?! if someone is just going to come along and fuck things up!
But, you can’t live without change, right?

It’s just damn annoying at times… I tried to boycott the internet. I achieved this goal on friday easily! But Saturday I had no one to hang out with… so I got bored =((( lol.

Oh, you can see Friday’s outfit, I took a picture of it! Just cause I love my shirt, I will force the blahityness of it on everyone! MUWAHAHAHA…. >.>;

Picture 902

Yay, Joker shirt 8DD!! now.. i need to find my other Joker shirt…. Also STILL sad they didn’t have the Rorshach’s face shirt in AT LEAST medium ;3;! I’m not good for a small yet T__T! and yes, i took that in the restroom at Pho John’s rofl.

mmm…. what else.. today was boring. I decided which halloween costume to buy though. It’ll be lady luck! it’s rather silly.. but I like it! I don’t have shoes for it though.. at least I had shoes for the gypsy outfit…Mmm… we’ll see! Maybe my sister might have some shoes.

I found some great shoes at hot topic the other day on clearance! they were size 11 which generally I can wear, but these were way too big (they were heels, so i know it was in girl size!) T_T!! I was sad =( lol. Maybe I can find some on the internet *hopehope*.

I shall try to update you more often WP, don’t be sad! lol


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