Feelings! Now at Discounted Prices.

Is this another one of those posts about asexuals? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT, IT IS.  What is my blog for if not about how badly I perceive being treated over trivial matters.

So let’s say you do have some feelings develop for a person, now what do you do? Do you tell this person? Sure, why not. Wait… do they know you’re asexual? Does that matter?!

I’d like to think it doesn’t matter, but I find out many times that it actually does matter.

Why’s that?

Well, I’m not sure. I’m unfortunately not an expert. Perhaps the other person discounts your feelings and just assumes you couldn’t give them what they want? I’m still a person! Why do my feelings get discounted? I mean, that’s their choice if they want to do that and it’s your choice to decide how to react to it, I guess. In my case, I’d rather not make things weirder for my friends so I pretend like they haven’t just done me a great injustice and hurt my feelings. Working retail surely teaches you to smile through pain, am I right?

Is that what I should have to do?

Of course not. That person is important to you! They just don’t like you like that, it happens. Is it because you’re asexual? It could be. I should hope it’s not though, as I like to believe there’s more to relationships than how often you shag. I could be wrong though. Shagging doesn’t really help out in the later years in life, so maybe try to find someone you can talk to for hours instead. Is your best bet to find another asexual person? Yeah, probably. I’ve only met a few in my lifetime though, and most of them have been on the internet.

But here’s what I really want to make clear. Don’t let ANYONE discount your feelings. Especially if you’re offering them advice they came to you for (that happens more than it should). On other fronts if you like someone and they have kind of just thrown it in your face, then they’re rubbish. They can piss off! Or at least apologize.


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