I’m still here 

Hello again WordPress, my old friend. It’s been some time since I updated. There was really nothing that set me off ranting, and sometime last month I decided to stop being so angry all the time. It’s much more relaxing. 

I’m also thinking of picking up yoga again, it’s also relaxing for body and mind. I’m mildly afraid that I’ll just become some sort of shut in soon, more so than usual. I’m not sure I mind, really. I guess I should. It’s hard to be a shut in and start training for half marathons though, which is another interest I’ve recently delved into. 

We’ll see, I suppose.


1 thought on “I’m still here 

  1. I missed your post somehow! TAT
    I’ve started doing yoga again too. I’m also pretty much a shut in, even more so with no job at the moment, so I’m no help at suggesting how not to be a shut in lol orz

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