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Feelings! Now at Discounted Prices.

Is this another one of those posts about asexuals? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT, IT IS.  What is my blog for if not about how badly I perceive being treated over trivial matters.

So let’s say you do have some feelings develop for a person, now what do you do? Do you tell this person? Sure, why not. Wait… do they know you’re asexual? Does that matter?!

I’d like to think it doesn’t matter, but I find out many times that it actually does matter.

Why’s that?

Well, I’m not sure. I’m unfortunately not an expert. Perhaps the other person discounts your feelings and just assumes you couldn’t give them what they want? I’m still a person! Why do my feelings get discounted? I mean, that’s their choice if they want to do that and it’s your choice to decide how to react to it, I guess. In my case, I’d rather not make things weirder for my friends so I pretend like they haven’t just done me a great injustice and hurt my feelings. Working retail surely teaches you to smile through pain, am I right?

Is that what I should have to do?

Of course not. That person is important to you! They just don’t like you like that, it happens. Is it because you’re asexual? It could be. I should hope it’s not though, as I like to believe there’s more to relationships than how often you shag. I could be wrong though. Shagging doesn’t really help out in the later years in life, so maybe try to find someone you can talk to for hours instead. Is your best bet to find another asexual person? Yeah, probably. I’ve only met a few in my lifetime though, and most of them have been on the internet.

But here’s what I really want to make clear. Don’t let ANYONE discount your feelings. Especially if you’re offering them advice they came to you for (that happens more than it should). On other fronts if you like someone and they have kind of just thrown it in your face, then they’re rubbish. They can piss off! Or at least apologize.


New Year’s party


On December 31st my friend Da and I journeyed up to Hutto to go to a party hosted by our mutual Dystopia Rising friend, J.

I got to hear much about his ladylove that he was going up to see, and I was glad for them. I also learned that people more in touch with their emotions than me make me a bit envious, but I suppose that’s why I’m a robot as far as others are concerned.

We got there just shortly after it started and chatted up the few guests. I spent the first 20 or so minutes fixing my makeup and when I came back they were already playing cards against humanity, haha. Ja had suggested it before it got too late just to get it out of the way. I watched for a little bit before a dog fight broke up everything (there were like 6 dogs at the party and only two of them lived there) and everyone dispersed to mingle.

It was a bad night for my drinks! Anytime I had any drink that was glass someone would knock it off the counter! It got to the point where I just switched to mixed drinks with a pout lol.

Mostly the night was spent in poor attempts to flirt with my friend (which was going all of no where as I suck), and snuggling everyone else. At one point I was laying on the couch and kept inviting people to lay with/on me lol. I did learn that I wasn’t the only asexual at the party and Je and me grew slightly closer as a result, I think.

Did I kiss anyone at midnight? No. Did I want to? Quite specifically- Yes, that’s why I went to the party… Lol. I did go cheek smooch on a bunch of people right after though. All in all it was a fun party. I stayed the night with some others and didn’t sleep at all :’D. This one bloke, JW was trying really hard to get a kiss from me. I’d only just met him that evening and I’m not about that life. I think I spent more time trying to convince him that I was a crazy Elder Gods worshipper, and it was a bad idea lol.

There’s more I could write about, but now that it’s already the third if doesn’t seem worth it, lol. So I’ll end this here!


I keep taking pictures of things to post and forgetting. It’s all mostly food related pictures though, haha.

My neck hurts now, and I’m horribly bored. It’s uncomfortable to watch TV from anywhere in my living room it seems though. Guess it’s a good thing I don’t watch TV too horribly often though. I was horrendously bored today though and watching a MARATHON! So several hours later I have a kink in my neck xD;… Oh well. America’s Next Top Model marathons are quite addictive. And Tyra is just so FIERCE!

I could make graphics or something now, I suppose. But I need inspiration to do that, and today like all week, I’m just annoyed. Yusei replied to me and said thank you for supporting him lately. hmm… it made me sad =(. I wasn’t sure again if I should reply and apologize for not sending supporting e-mails sooner. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but he’s intimidating… lol. but now he’s gone from Misaruka ;__;. I wonder if they’ll replace him… I think he was lead guitar. I want to ask, but ah… it’s too soon… right? and anyway I wish he hadn’t left.. but he did! i just want to know what he’ll do next! he didn’t write it in his blog T_T! I think he’ll keep using his blog though, so that’s good. I hope so ^^. He followed some people on ameba’s nau, at least (like meeee~~~~ *squeee* lol).

auugh, I’m hungry ;3;. considering if I should eat or not… I ate a lot this breakfast (two biscuits and a donut with a glass of milk! aguh!) and I just went back to sleep afterwards XD;… then I had a bean patty and rice with veggies… soooo…. maybe i should just enjoy some water lol. it’s kind of late already now anyway. but my mom made soup and it smells good ;3;. and i still have some hot and sour soup… I really wanted some biscuits with egg and gravy, but SOMEONE ate my fucking biscuits. fucking ugh! I was really annoyed by it, sorry. lol.


Long time…

hello! long time no see, hmm wordpress? my upichuppi mentioned I hadn’t updated so I’ll try harder for her! lol

I’ve included a picture I took of me and Sabastian that I took on thanksgiving. my thanksgiving was pretty fun this year ^^. it was my last holiday to have meat too! a few days after it I decided to make the full switch to being a vegetarian. aside from some annoyances with my mom thinking I’m vegan, and seeming to think that since I can eat cheese I should eat way too much! it’s been ok other than that lol.

but auugh lately I’ve been failing horribly on my diet! lol. I have been so crazy hungry! I wonder why D;. but I’ll overcome it! I can’t be having all that crazy eating of junk foods lol.

Christmas is coming up, and I’m completely broke. I don’t know what to do for gifts at all, I won’t be able to afford any PLUS my bills 😦 lol. I wonder if people will accept a rain check…? lol. I’m sure they won’t TT. but they should! I get paid again in new year’s day! lol.

then, then… what else? I think that’s all for now! it’s almost time for episode two of “Alice” on Syfy ^^.

I want…

I really want nachos… but not just any nachos! I want the amazing nachos I made last month, cause they were SO GOOD! I took a picture of them (of course) but the saddest part.. I didn’t get to eat much of them!! Right after I had made them, my dad came over and wanted to take me to eat pizza with him and his girlfriend. I was terribly torn.. but I went with him anyway since I don’t see him often lol. My family tore up the nachos while I was gone.

It was fine.. the pizza was super good too *_*. The best pizza in town! I even have confirmation that it’s better than SOME of the pizza in New York lol. But I’ve never been to New York… Krissy said so, and she said there was super awesome pizza there. I want to go have some please *_* lol.

Uhm, i’m really down now.. so I will have to write more later…. with more pictures =_=; lol


what’s the point of it all?! if someone is just going to come along and fuck things up!
But, you can’t live without change, right?

It’s just damn annoying at times… I tried to boycott the internet. I achieved this goal on friday easily! But Saturday I had no one to hang out with… so I got bored =((( lol.

Oh, you can see Friday’s outfit, I took a picture of it! Just cause I love my shirt, I will force the blahityness of it on everyone! MUWAHAHAHA…. >.>;

Picture 902

Yay, Joker shirt 8DD!! now.. i need to find my other Joker shirt…. Also STILL sad they didn’t have the Rorshach’s face shirt in AT LEAST medium ;3;! I’m not good for a small yet T__T! and yes, i took that in the restroom at Pho John’s rofl.

mmm…. what else.. today was boring. I decided which halloween costume to buy though. It’ll be lady luck! it’s rather silly.. but I like it! I don’t have shoes for it though.. at least I had shoes for the gypsy outfit…Mmm… we’ll see! Maybe my sister might have some shoes.

I found some great shoes at hot topic the other day on clearance! they were size 11 which generally I can wear, but these were way too big (they were heels, so i know it was in girl size!) T_T!! I was sad =( lol. Maybe I can find some on the internet *hopehope*.

I shall try to update you more often WP, don’t be sad! lol

I did…

I did catch a cold! lol. But I’m better now.
Life has been boring as usual since I last updated. I’m all halloween’d out too! and it’s not even halloween! Just wait until christmas… I’ll be all christmas’d out by mid november, auuuugh. Holiday seasons in the mall SUUUUUCK!! I really need to try and apply at sourcenet again since FINALLY they seem to have been hiring again! So, please feel free to wish me luck~.

Mmm.. a few days ago I went to eat at Pho John’s with Beth! :D!
We had Vietnamese crepe and steak pho… it was all SOOO GOOOOD *__*.
Picture 580
Picture 547

I had pho again on friday… I won’t lie, i’m terribly addicted to the stuff! All the food on Pho John’s menu is so good though! Next time I’ll get something new again (^-^/.

On Friday was also LARP! Fun times as my vampire were had, pushing and kicking in doors, getting shot several times in the back… good thing we were fighting storm troopers though, or else i’d have been so dead… well.. MORE dead lol.


Been a while

Sorry you were a bit neglected wordpress! Lately I had like four days off from work. I made nachos, my manager gave me a cookie cake, uhm… My computer broke, but I think DELL is going to send me the boot disc so I can reformat :(. I’m sad to lose all my files, but oh well! It happens. I’ll just know better to back my shit up in the future lol.

On my days off i’ve just watched tv and tried to fix my comp.. And shark week started so I’ve been watching lots of shark shows lol.

Well pictures of nachos and cake,


At the bar with friends having some fun playing pool~. Which I suck at SOBER and suck at A LOT after a four horsemen xD! We were only here about an hour but I think I need to switch already to water x-X rofl. My head hurts lots -tear-. I have work tomorrow morning… So I think it’ll suck ALOT! It’ll be my sixth day this week and of course I don’t want to go TT! But I must!

Anyway my days lately have been terribly boring so I don’t have much more to talk about… lol. So there is a picture our table at poet’s!