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I fail at blogging

I found this empty post with just a title and picture saved in my app since I don’t know when… enjoy 😀



I keep taking pictures of things to post and forgetting. It’s all mostly food related pictures though, haha.

My neck hurts now, and I’m horribly bored. It’s uncomfortable to watch TV from anywhere in my living room it seems though. Guess it’s a good thing I don’t watch TV too horribly often though. I was horrendously bored today though and watching a MARATHON! So several hours later I have a kink in my neck xD;… Oh well. America’s Next Top Model marathons are quite addictive. And Tyra is just so FIERCE!

I could make graphics or something now, I suppose. But I need inspiration to do that, and today like all week, I’m just annoyed. Yusei replied to me and said thank you for supporting him lately. hmm… it made me sad =(. I wasn’t sure again if I should reply and apologize for not sending supporting e-mails sooner. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but he’s intimidating… lol. but now he’s gone from Misaruka ;__;. I wonder if they’ll replace him… I think he was lead guitar. I want to ask, but ah… it’s too soon… right? and anyway I wish he hadn’t left.. but he did! i just want to know what he’ll do next! he didn’t write it in his blog T_T! I think he’ll keep using his blog though, so that’s good. I hope so ^^. He followed some people on ameba’s nau, at least (like meeee~~~~ *squeee* lol).

auugh, I’m hungry ;3;. considering if I should eat or not… I ate a lot this breakfast (two biscuits and a donut with a glass of milk! aguh!) and I just went back to sleep afterwards XD;… then I had a bean patty and rice with veggies… soooo…. maybe i should just enjoy some water lol. it’s kind of late already now anyway. but my mom made soup and it smells good ;3;. and i still have some hot and sour soup… I really wanted some biscuits with egg and gravy, but SOMEONE ate my fucking biscuits. fucking ugh! I was really annoyed by it, sorry. lol.



what’s the point of it all?! if someone is just going to come along and fuck things up!
But, you can’t live without change, right?

It’s just damn annoying at times… I tried to boycott the internet. I achieved this goal on friday easily! But Saturday I had no one to hang out with… so I got bored =((( lol.

Oh, you can see Friday’s outfit, I took a picture of it! Just cause I love my shirt, I will force the blahityness of it on everyone! MUWAHAHAHA…. >.>;

Picture 902

Yay, Joker shirt 8DD!! now.. i need to find my other Joker shirt…. Also STILL sad they didn’t have the Rorshach’s face shirt in AT LEAST medium ;3;! I’m not good for a small yet T__T! and yes, i took that in the restroom at Pho John’s rofl.

mmm…. what else.. today was boring. I decided which halloween costume to buy though. It’ll be lady luck! it’s rather silly.. but I like it! I don’t have shoes for it though.. at least I had shoes for the gypsy outfit…Mmm… we’ll see! Maybe my sister might have some shoes.

I found some great shoes at hot topic the other day on clearance! they were size 11 which generally I can wear, but these were way too big (they were heels, so i know it was in girl size!) T_T!! I was sad =( lol. Maybe I can find some on the internet *hopehope*.

I shall try to update you more often WP, don’t be sad! lol


The dog followed me into the kitchen when I went to fetch some gelato. When I turned and heard clinking like nails on glass I saw this spectacle! The dog, Rocko, had put himself in the bowl!! The site was so strange I hurried to get my phone and take a picture. Well, that’s all. He’s a silly little dog lol.

Been a while

Sorry you were a bit neglected wordpress! Lately I had like four days off from work. I made nachos, my manager gave me a cookie cake, uhm… My computer broke, but I think DELL is going to send me the boot disc so I can reformat :(. I’m sad to lose all my files, but oh well! It happens. I’ll just know better to back my shit up in the future lol.

On my days off i’ve just watched tv and tried to fix my comp.. And shark week started so I’ve been watching lots of shark shows lol.

Well pictures of nachos and cake,


At the bar with friends having some fun playing pool~. Which I suck at SOBER and suck at A LOT after a four horsemen xD! We were only here about an hour but I think I need to switch already to water x-X rofl. My head hurts lots -tear-. I have work tomorrow morning… So I think it’ll suck ALOT! It’ll be my sixth day this week and of course I don’t want to go TT! But I must!

Anyway my days lately have been terribly boring so I don’t have much more to talk about… lol. So there is a picture our table at poet’s!


Today was No Good!
I didn’t get any extra money from the vampires wanting my plasma! In fact I can’t donate plasma at all! It’s awful Dx!

I’m having second thoughts already about going to Animeusa since I really wanted to go to Japan… but at the same time, the expense of going to Japan is too much! I wonder if I could ever make it on my own T_T;… I think the end of the year is too soon. I need a bit more time, I’m sure T_T;.. Hotels/hostels/whatever, railpass (maybe, if i plan on leaving tokyo.. and I do!), plane ticket, food, and whatever else i want to buy! if i’d been saving all year like when i thought we were going in summer, it’d be a breeze. but suddenly people want to go again and no one told me it was still a possibility until just recently! how rude! lol.

I wish i made enough money to be able to afford both AnimeUsa AND Japan! in a perfect world though, right?

this damn plasma donating was supposed to be able to get me going to Japan! An extra 200$ a month is good! I could have made it a lot sooner.

hohum… at least i had one good thing today!

it arrived just as i was writing this post~! At long last, it’s mine! now, i just need to get the one they release at the next sponsored event T_T;…