I want…

I really want nachos… but not just any nachos! I want the amazing nachos I made last month, cause they were SO GOOD! I took a picture of them (of course) but the saddest part.. I didn’t get to eat much of them!! Right after I had made them, my dad came over and wanted to take me to eat pizza with him and his girlfriend. I was terribly torn.. but I went with him anyway since I don’t see him often lol. My family tore up the nachos while I was gone.

It was fine.. the pizza was super good too *_*. The best pizza in town! I even have confirmation that it’s better than SOME of the pizza in New York lol. But I’ve never been to New York… Krissy said so, and she said there was super awesome pizza there. I want to go have some please *_* lol.

Uhm, i’m really down now.. so I will have to write more later…. with more pictures =_=; lol


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