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New Year’s party


On December 31st my friend Da and I journeyed up to Hutto to go to a party hosted by our mutual Dystopia Rising friend, J.

I got to hear much about his ladylove that he was going up to see, and I was glad for them. I also learned that people more in touch with their emotions than me make me a bit envious, but I suppose that’s why I’m a robot as far as others are concerned.

We got there just shortly after it started and chatted up the few guests. I spent the first 20 or so minutes fixing my makeup and when I came back they were already playing cards against humanity, haha. Ja had suggested it before it got too late just to get it out of the way. I watched for a little bit before a dog fight broke up everything (there were like 6 dogs at the party and only two of them lived there) and everyone dispersed to mingle.

It was a bad night for my drinks! Anytime I had any drink that was glass someone would knock it off the counter! It got to the point where I just switched to mixed drinks with a pout lol.

Mostly the night was spent in poor attempts to flirt with my friend (which was going all of no where as I suck), and snuggling everyone else. At one point I was laying on the couch and kept inviting people to lay with/on me lol. I did learn that I wasn’t the only asexual at the party and Je and me grew slightly closer as a result, I think.

Did I kiss anyone at midnight? No. Did I want to? Quite specifically- Yes, that’s why I went to the party… Lol. I did go cheek smooch on a bunch of people right after though. All in all it was a fun party. I stayed the night with some others and didn’t sleep at all :’D. This one bloke, JW was trying really hard to get a kiss from me. I’d only just met him that evening and I’m not about that life. I think I spent more time trying to convince him that I was a crazy Elder Gods worshipper, and it was a bad idea lol.

There’s more I could write about, but now that it’s already the third if doesn’t seem worth it, lol. So I’ll end this here!