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in need-

I dunno what to do =(…

I guess I’m in need of advice, but then I don’t really want to talk about… I’m still a;sldfja stressing over my last entry which i guess is what i’m having the issues over.. I dunno what to do.

though now i’m wondering if i can do any of it =_=;.. it’s a big expense either way! i was certain i could do the one, but then i’m recalculating and freaking out.. but i think it still shouldn’t be a problem as long as my mom stops asking me for money >_>;..




Today was No Good!
I didn’t get any extra money from the vampires wanting my plasma! In fact I can’t donate plasma at all! It’s awful Dx!

I’m having second thoughts already about going to Animeusa since I really wanted to go to Japan… but at the same time, the expense of going to Japan is too much! I wonder if I could ever make it on my own T_T;… I think the end of the year is too soon. I need a bit more time, I’m sure T_T;.. Hotels/hostels/whatever, railpass (maybe, if i plan on leaving tokyo.. and I do!), plane ticket, food, and whatever else i want to buy! if i’d been saving all year like when i thought we were going in summer, it’d be a breeze. but suddenly people want to go again and no one told me it was still a possibility until just recently! how rude! lol.

I wish i made enough money to be able to afford both AnimeUsa AND Japan! in a perfect world though, right?

this damn plasma donating was supposed to be able to get me going to Japan! An extra 200$ a month is good! I could have made it a lot sooner.

hohum… at least i had one good thing today!

it arrived just as i was writing this post~! At long last, it’s mine! now, i just need to get the one they release at the next sponsored event T_T;…


I slept a lot today… I even left work early xD and then i came home and… slept.. for about 5 hours. I’m not tired again yet T_T;;.. but I have to go to work in the morning so i have to get tired in the next hour! lol.

Uhm… other than that, i did a lot of nothing today. now i’m listening to tv. which is good for making myself tired/bored. so maybe i’ll go by 12 XD;.

There’s been a lot of drama at work lately~! But I don’t let it get to me. It’s not really involving me anyway… soooo yeah. well, that’s all. I really need to e-mail back one of my friends! hope he’ll forgive me to write it in english again >_<!

uhm… i still don’t have a picture for today… -chooses something at random-
this is a picture of.. re:make i think… *lol*

At Rattlers

Hello WP! And how are you, eh? Fine, you say? Well, me too!
I’m at Beth’s work, just hanging out until we go see the new Harry Potter! I’m really excited! Uhmmm… I’m super sleepy so I dunno if I’m as excited as I should be! lol

I was pretty tired all day, but I took a nap. I think it had the reverse effect and made me more tired though.

And this is totally random but I think I was a bunny in my past life lol.

Enjoy a picture of inside the store

fail cake was fail

Well, I tried to make tres leches cake yesterday, and i was really excited about it! It’s rather unfortunate that after all was said and done, the cake didn’t turn out how it was supposed to…. I don’t know.. maybe it didn’t have enough baking powder? maybe I mixed it too much? It didn’t rise enough, so it didn’t absorb the liquids really at all.

It was quite fail, and all i had to hear from my family was how it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

I thought it still tasted good!! ;_;;… I already knew it was messed up, I don’t know why they felt need to tell me again and again without telling me what would have fixed it -sigh-.

No picture cause my phone is in my room and I’m too blah to go get it to take a picture of this stupid cake. As for my family, whatever to them! i’ll eat it myself if I have to T___T;… lol

Lazy day

Today was my second day off this week. Not having two days in a row off is tiring and annoying. And yesterday I was tired all day so I didn’t make an update orz.

Today’s update is blah too though. My kitten, Mavra was doing fine all day, eating being more energetic.. She still won’t drink any water though T__T!! Even if her stomach is upset she has to know that drinking water is important!! And I can’t even afford to take her to a vet, so of course I’m more worried ;;. I was trying to monitor her since yesterday, I hope I can get her to drink some water soon TT.

Other than worry over the cat I just chatted online today~.

This picture is of a bunch of junk in my room, btw

blah day was blah

Today was super boring! I did a lot of nothing all day, then I took a nap XD;.

I talked a lot with Addy and Sephie, and that was fun~!

I got happy e-maaaaiiilll~~ It made me very happy! Though there wasn’t anything in particular that was special about it, I guess… aha…

that’s all.. boring day was boring…
enjoy a picture of Azami lol
pictures from iphone 172

oh- i almost forgot

hello all!
hmm, today was boring as usual. beth kept me up later than i wanted, so i woke up a bit late and was sluggish all day lol. it sucked a lot XD;…

but john bought me edamame at work today *_*! mmm~~
TJ also told me that krissy quit West Corp. and will be back to working with us, I guess. and john let kristie go today since she has another job. maybe krissy can work her schedule then lol.

i dunno…

oh, so last night there was a slug in my house on the counter in the kitchen! i wonder how it got there! how long did it take?!
it was so weird…….. lol.. but i took it outside and hopefully it was ok after that.

i took its picture!
pictures from iphone 327

i don’t like bugs…


tonight is the star festival in japan! i prepared a tanzaku with a wish on it~. I’m not really sure when i should burn it though.. lol. tomorrow, or on the 8th in the United States…

some day i want to go to the star festival in Japan ^^. maybe the one in Sendai? i’d like to go to such an event with my deeaaaar <3333 lol. aa, i’m horrible T_T;…

Lately i’ve been feeling rather loving! aha, it’s kind of silly. and would so never happen =_=;;.. but still! it’s ok to have silly dreams sometimes, hehe.

I’ve been really wanting to visit in Japan again lately. I wonder if it’d be possible to go this year? Maybe.. If I can work, really hard and save enough! lol. maybe the beginning of next year would be ok too lol.

we shall see!



Today I’ve spent it waking up too early and then talking to Addy! I went back to sleep around 12 or 12:30 and had an often disturbed sleep until about two lol. Then my sister invited me to eat with them and come play prototype ! I had played it for the first time yesterday and all yesterday I wanted to go back and play all time lol. It’s so much fun! I really recommend it to anyone who likes videogames! I suck at videogames though.. And my sister spent a lot of time today saying ‘do this’ ‘go there’ ‘you need to do this’ etc and it was annoying to the point I said ‘do you want to play?!’ lol. She gets motion sickness and can’t play many games, so of course she didn’t. Well I played for a few hours, then I failed a mission, but I get tired of playing things after such time, so I stopped lol.

Now i’m quite sleepy again and I need a shower lol. Looking at my sister’s comic collection though, I kind of want to read their shenanigans.

I’ve been feeling really down lately, and out of the loop with my friends. It makes me sad to think if they don’t want to talk to me. Or maybe if I made them mad?! lol. I dunno. Oh well, I think maybe I’m looking too much into it.

Well, here’s a picture of the game lol