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She said I should post more…

Little did she know… This blog is now going to be about Dystopia Rising. I’m sorry, I have problems.


…I’m not sorry.


So if I do any fanarts or armor crafts or take pictures of trying out costuming, here they shall be!

I may also write in game memories to practice my crappy writing skills. Let’s go on this journey together.


I did…

I did catch a cold! lol. But I’m better now.
Life has been boring as usual since I last updated. I’m all halloween’d out too! and it’s not even halloween! Just wait until christmas… I’ll be all christmas’d out by mid november, auuuugh. Holiday seasons in the mall SUUUUUCK!! I really need to try and apply at sourcenet again since FINALLY they seem to have been hiring again! So, please feel free to wish me luck~.

Mmm.. a few days ago I went to eat at Pho John’s with Beth! :D!
We had Vietnamese crepe and steak pho… it was all SOOO GOOOOD *__*.
Picture 580
Picture 547

I had pho again on friday… I won’t lie, i’m terribly addicted to the stuff! All the food on Pho John’s menu is so good though! Next time I’ll get something new again (^-^/.

On Friday was also LARP! Fun times as my vampire were had, pushing and kicking in doors, getting shot several times in the back… good thing we were fighting storm troopers though, or else i’d have been so dead… well.. MORE dead lol.


Hello WP!

I can’t go a day without a post… that’s crazy talk! Lisa’s blog post made me remember I had to make one!

I’m not really sure what to write about though…. Mmm… Today is really boring lol. I stayed home from work

My mum and I are watching “Monsters Inside of Me”, a show about parasites that eat people from the inside.. well duh, that’s what parasites do, isn’t it? anyway. it’s interesting, but also makes me a bit squeamish, but only cause I’m paranoid about things like that XD.

uhmmm…. what else.. I don’t know~~!! Right now I’m also role-playing online. yay \:D/!

Speaking of role-playing! HOMG! I want to play Vampire so bad T_T! They have reset the venue or something by making a bunch of amendments and redoing lots of rules. Luckily my character, Fiona, was made at a time where she’d be able actually keep a lot of her exp. Mostly the ones who got the shaft were really ooolllddd characters, lol. but most those people even just made new characters lol.

I have to decide if I want to keep Fiona, or make a new character… I really like her, she’s a crazy nosferatu who has a thing for top hats and clowns (which is weird cause i HATE clowns a;sdlfj;alsdjfa) but yeah.
I think I’ll make her start to dress like a ring leader lol (you’d have to know mroe about the character to know why.. but yea).

well.. I don’t have a picture this time……. but, ok! i should find an unrelated one… lol