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I keep taking pictures of things to post and forgetting. It’s all mostly food related pictures though, haha.

My neck hurts now, and I’m horribly bored. It’s uncomfortable to watch TV from anywhere in my living room it seems though. Guess it’s a good thing I don’t watch TV too horribly often though. I was horrendously bored today though and watching a MARATHON! So several hours later I have a kink in my neck xD;… Oh well. America’s Next Top Model marathons are quite addictive. And Tyra is just so FIERCE!

I could make graphics or something now, I suppose. But I need inspiration to do that, and today like all week, I’m just annoyed. Yusei replied to me and said thank you for supporting him lately. hmm… it made me sad =(. I wasn’t sure again if I should reply and apologize for not sending supporting e-mails sooner. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but he’s intimidating… lol. but now he’s gone from Misaruka ;__;. I wonder if they’ll replace him… I think he was lead guitar. I want to ask, but ah… it’s too soon… right? and anyway I wish he hadn’t left.. but he did! i just want to know what he’ll do next! he didn’t write it in his blog T_T! I think he’ll keep using his blog though, so that’s good. I hope so ^^. He followed some people on ameba’s nau, at least (like meeee~~~~ *squeee* lol).

auugh, I’m hungry ;3;. considering if I should eat or not… I ate a lot this breakfast (two biscuits and a donut with a glass of milk! aguh!) and I just went back to sleep afterwards XD;… then I had a bean patty and rice with veggies… soooo…. maybe i should just enjoy some water lol. it’s kind of late already now anyway. but my mom made soup and it smells good ;3;. and i still have some hot and sour soup… I really wanted some biscuits with egg and gravy, but SOMEONE ate my fucking biscuits. fucking ugh! I was really annoyed by it, sorry. lol.



I want…

I really want nachos… but not just any nachos! I want the amazing nachos I made last month, cause they were SO GOOD! I took a picture of them (of course) but the saddest part.. I didn’t get to eat much of them!! Right after I had made them, my dad came over and wanted to take me to eat pizza with him and his girlfriend. I was terribly torn.. but I went with him anyway since I don’t see him often lol. My family tore up the nachos while I was gone.

It was fine.. the pizza was super good too *_*. The best pizza in town! I even have confirmation that it’s better than SOME of the pizza in New York lol. But I’ve never been to New York… Krissy said so, and she said there was super awesome pizza there. I want to go have some please *_* lol.

Uhm, i’m really down now.. so I will have to write more later…. with more pictures =_=; lol

I did…

I did catch a cold! lol. But I’m better now.
Life has been boring as usual since I last updated. I’m all halloween’d out too! and it’s not even halloween! Just wait until christmas… I’ll be all christmas’d out by mid november, auuuugh. Holiday seasons in the mall SUUUUUCK!! I really need to try and apply at sourcenet again since FINALLY they seem to have been hiring again! So, please feel free to wish me luck~.

Mmm.. a few days ago I went to eat at Pho John’s with Beth! :D!
We had Vietnamese crepe and steak pho… it was all SOOO GOOOOD *__*.
Picture 580
Picture 547

I had pho again on friday… I won’t lie, i’m terribly addicted to the stuff! All the food on Pho John’s menu is so good though! Next time I’ll get something new again (^-^/.

On Friday was also LARP! Fun times as my vampire were had, pushing and kicking in doors, getting shot several times in the back… good thing we were fighting storm troopers though, or else i’d have been so dead… well.. MORE dead lol.


Been a while

Sorry you were a bit neglected wordpress! Lately I had like four days off from work. I made nachos, my manager gave me a cookie cake, uhm… My computer broke, but I think DELL is going to send me the boot disc so I can reformat :(. I’m sad to lose all my files, but oh well! It happens. I’ll just know better to back my shit up in the future lol.

On my days off i’ve just watched tv and tried to fix my comp.. And shark week started so I’ve been watching lots of shark shows lol.

Well pictures of nachos and cake,

fail cake was fail

Well, I tried to make tres leches cake yesterday, and i was really excited about it! It’s rather unfortunate that after all was said and done, the cake didn’t turn out how it was supposed to…. I don’t know.. maybe it didn’t have enough baking powder? maybe I mixed it too much? It didn’t rise enough, so it didn’t absorb the liquids really at all.

It was quite fail, and all i had to hear from my family was how it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

I thought it still tasted good!! ;_;;… I already knew it was messed up, I don’t know why they felt need to tell me again and again without telling me what would have fixed it -sigh-.

No picture cause my phone is in my room and I’m too blah to go get it to take a picture of this stupid cake. As for my family, whatever to them! i’ll eat it myself if I have to T___T;… lol


Today was slower than slow! Homg!
But John bought us pizza and pizza rolls from double dave’s :D. Which is ok, for pizza rolls at least. Pizza ttly ruins my diet though!! Then we had more for dinner! Well I only ate one piece so hope it’s not too horrible TT.

I really want to exercise lately but at the same time I have absolutely no motivation to do it! Especially since it’s always ridiculously hot outside X-x but I’ll never survive all the walking in Japan again without doing a lot of walking here first!! Lol. I’d like to get little to no blisters from hell again! But I know it’s impossible! Especially with my addiction for cute shoes… I’m thinking of getting some Ed Hardy shoes btw! I saw some nice ones in dillard’s. Also saw lots of funky cute shoes in journeys *_* want those too… lol. Well this time at least I’ll limit myself to only wear death shoes at places and not while walking TO places! lol >_o;. Can’t live without my death shoes you know…

Well, that’s all for now!

Enjoy a picture of my lunch! lol

i have nothing…

I have nothing interesting to write about today either! lol

I went to work, I felt sick all day, I went to the grocery store, I came home!
It was really hot when i got home T_T… I think the a/c is still giving problems. it’s still really hot now too.
I was waiting a bit for my friend to come home, but she didn’t. so i tried to call my sister to see if she wanted japanese food, but she didnt’ answer, so i took a nap lol. she answered me a bit later and we planned to eat japanese food tomorrow then!

but mm… my mom is barbecuing tomorrow…… why do delicious things have to coincide! i think i wanted some tempura longer though lol.

tomorrow is 4th of july! oh yeah, that reminds me happy independence day!! since it’s on the 3rd… hah…

i might go to the store tomorrow and get stuff to make s’mores too! depends on how much i have left after i eat… lol. i probably won’t hae any left cause japanese food is expensive -tear-.

uhmm.. other than that.. i did a lot of nothing all night and still felt sick! yay \:D/!


^ttly found a new awesome site. hope they have a twitter lawl.