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She said I should post more…

Little did she know… This blog is now going to be about Dystopia Rising. I’m sorry, I have problems.


…I’m not sorry.


So if I do any fanarts or armor crafts or take pictures of trying out costuming, here they shall be!

I may also write in game memories to practice my crappy writing skills. Let’s go on this journey together.



My LJ account expired today. I’m watching “no reservations” new episode where he’s visiting Haiti.
They look like they’re playing vuvuzela, but they make different sounds. Quite interesting.

I’m really sleepy today >__<… I want a new wordpress layout.


I found out my saved last post was written march 2010. can you believe it’s already 2011? I can’t! seems last year went so fast, it’s already almost March again!
I’m going to Japan soon for a short two week visit! I’m waiting on most my new clothes to arrive. and I need to buy just a few more things, but I guess for the most part I’m ready to go, haha.
I have a lot of people to try and meet though. fufufu

Another day!

Poor neglected blog. How are you?
Today I’m a bit tired! But I’m still energetic (^^! I want to dance and exercise. It’s kind of a weird feeling!

So when I go home I will go for a little jog. For now it’s a slow day at work! But I was late on doing a cake already TT! And we just opened!! Orz. It’s disappointing, but I won’t do it again today!! I’ll FIGHT!!!

That makes me want to listen to Becca’s song “I’m Alive” ww. I think I’ll have to add it to my music player soon ^^. It’s so catchy ><!

Then.. What else? Not much. Today I'm vegetarian www. Not for any real reason, but I'm trying hard to switch!

Then.. I think that's all ^^;. I'll update again soon, I promise!


The dog followed me into the kitchen when I went to fetch some gelato. When I turned and heard clinking like nails on glass I saw this spectacle! The dog, Rocko, had put himself in the bowl!! The site was so strange I hurried to get my phone and take a picture. Well, that’s all. He’s a silly little dog lol.

Been a while

Sorry you were a bit neglected wordpress! Lately I had like four days off from work. I made nachos, my manager gave me a cookie cake, uhm… My computer broke, but I think DELL is going to send me the boot disc so I can reformat :(. I’m sad to lose all my files, but oh well! It happens. I’ll just know better to back my shit up in the future lol.

On my days off i’ve just watched tv and tried to fix my comp.. And shark week started so I’ve been watching lots of shark shows lol.

Well pictures of nachos and cake,


At the bar with friends having some fun playing pool~. Which I suck at SOBER and suck at A LOT after a four horsemen xD! We were only here about an hour but I think I need to switch already to water x-X rofl. My head hurts lots -tear-. I have work tomorrow morning… So I think it’ll suck ALOT! It’ll be my sixth day this week and of course I don’t want to go TT! But I must!

Anyway my days lately have been terribly boring so I don’t have much more to talk about… lol. So there is a picture our table at poet’s!