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I’m still here 

Hello again WordPress, my old friend. It’s been some time since I updated. There was really nothing that set me off ranting, and sometime last month I decided to stop being so angry all the time. It’s much more relaxing. 

I’m also thinking of picking up yoga again, it’s also relaxing for body and mind. I’m mildly afraid that I’ll just become some sort of shut in soon, more so than usual. I’m not sure I mind, really. I guess I should. It’s hard to be a shut in and start training for half marathons though, which is another interest I’ve recently delved into. 

We’ll see, I suppose.


That’s another thing…

Another sexuality post. Womp womp.
A problem I encounter frequently is people writing off my feelings or things I say because I don’t want to shag attractive people? Really? Hahaha. Okay.
Basically it’s like they’re saying, “you’re asexual, you couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like to miss my S.O./be lonely.” Yeah, thanks bud. I couldn’t fathom that at all being not human and all. These are, by the way, HUMAN conditions, not mating humans specifically. Also fuck you, guy! I like people and get lonely. It just takes me longer to like them, and I like to think I’m independent.. That’s neither here nor there though. For now it’s only about human conditions… We could even stretch it further and say it encompasses more than just humans. Animals too miss their mates and feel lonely. So this person basically has written me out of being uhm.. A mammal now? Oh, also not a bird. With just a simple assumption that surely I couldn’t possibly understand, look at the implications that have been made! It’s almost comical.
It is comical.
These generalized sort of blanket assumptions are put on me relatively often. I don’t know why, as I’m obviously capable of deeper level thinking and emotions.

Well I had more to say on it, but I’m done thinking about it for the moment. I was watching Galavant and my anger sorta subsided, haha.


It’s been a while since I’ve updated, sorry. I was doing good on the daily thing too!

I went to the optometrist today because my glasses broke a few days ago. Thought I’d get some contacts finally to save myself from goggle doom in the warmer DR months.

So yeah.


I’m also going to order super ridic glasses for my hipster lifestyle from zenni optical lol.

Word of the day.

The word of today is: accountability.
Which today is more about working out than anything else.

Recently my roommate, Mel and I had started doing Emily Skye’s 28-day ab shred, which I’m going to use to kickstart the 60-day Insanity nonsense.

Well, we started the day after Christmas, and we did it everyday until about new year, then we just kind of bummed around. I did a little here and there, but not much. So it’s been exactly a week, and well this bum mentality just isn’t going to do! See, I’m going to be moving to a new city soon, so I’ve got to get rid of things. New place, new friends (hopefully), new me!

So I’ve got to held responsible for what I eat, and to keep up with my fitness. I need an accountability buddy~. One who’s committed to it! Everyday like, “what’re you doing to work out today?” Or “what fitness did we do yesterday?” And so on, and so forth. I’m doing little changes with my diet with the help of my old friends men’s and women’s health magazines.

Let’s do this! ヾ(`⌒´メ)ノ″

New Year’s party


On December 31st my friend Da and I journeyed up to Hutto to go to a party hosted by our mutual Dystopia Rising friend, J.

I got to hear much about his ladylove that he was going up to see, and I was glad for them. I also learned that people more in touch with their emotions than me make me a bit envious, but I suppose that’s why I’m a robot as far as others are concerned.

We got there just shortly after it started and chatted up the few guests. I spent the first 20 or so minutes fixing my makeup and when I came back they were already playing cards against humanity, haha. Ja had suggested it before it got too late just to get it out of the way. I watched for a little bit before a dog fight broke up everything (there were like 6 dogs at the party and only two of them lived there) and everyone dispersed to mingle.

It was a bad night for my drinks! Anytime I had any drink that was glass someone would knock it off the counter! It got to the point where I just switched to mixed drinks with a pout lol.

Mostly the night was spent in poor attempts to flirt with my friend (which was going all of no where as I suck), and snuggling everyone else. At one point I was laying on the couch and kept inviting people to lay with/on me lol. I did learn that I wasn’t the only asexual at the party and Je and me grew slightly closer as a result, I think.

Did I kiss anyone at midnight? No. Did I want to? Quite specifically- Yes, that’s why I went to the party… Lol. I did go cheek smooch on a bunch of people right after though. All in all it was a fun party. I stayed the night with some others and didn’t sleep at all :’D. This one bloke, JW was trying really hard to get a kiss from me. I’d only just met him that evening and I’m not about that life. I think I spent more time trying to convince him that I was a crazy Elder Gods worshipper, and it was a bad idea lol.

There’s more I could write about, but now that it’s already the third if doesn’t seem worth it, lol. So I’ll end this here!

Trying this again?

I guess I could try to start blogging again. Maybe it’ll make me feel like less of a hermit..? Or more of one. I could come off as deep and profound, who knows?

…but most likely I’ll talk about a lot of nothing day to day things and how funny asexuality is in the world at large.

It’s 2015 now! Prepare the 80s futuristic clothing! I’ll lounge around in it with my cats, haha.

Shizuna here has beat me to lounging.

I’m not sure I’ve made any resolutions for the year. Maybe to stop trying to date people? Haha. It was a year and half of attempting that! Being a hermit is always better.

I aaaammmm going to try moving to Austin this year though! I’ll have more people to regularly hang out with. Just gotta get that license taken care of.. Which means no more sleeping all day before work, haaaah. More on all of this later!


I am /the/ chin-hands-y person lately. It’s totally stupid, and I’m stupid for being that way.

In other news, another trade weekend passed in Bravo! I was unfortunately not there to nearly die. I was instead nearly dying at work. Valentine’s day is so not fun. I’m glad it’s only once a year.