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Trying this again?

I guess I could try to start blogging again. Maybe it’ll make me feel like less of a hermit..? Or more of one. I could come off as deep and profound, who knows?

…but most likely I’ll talk about a lot of nothing day to day things and how funny asexuality is in the world at large.

It’s 2015 now! Prepare the 80s futuristic clothing! I’ll lounge around in it with my cats, haha.

Shizuna here has beat me to lounging.

I’m not sure I’ve made any resolutions for the year. Maybe to stop trying to date people? Haha. It was a year and half of attempting that! Being a hermit is always better.

I aaaammmm going to try moving to Austin this year though! I’ll have more people to regularly hang out with. Just gotta get that license taken care of.. Which means no more sleeping all day before work, haaaah. More on all of this later!



I am /the/ chin-hands-y person lately. It’s totally stupid, and I’m stupid for being that way.

In other news, another trade weekend passed in Bravo! I was unfortunately not there to nearly die. I was instead nearly dying at work. Valentine’s day is so not fun. I’m glad it’s only once a year.


My LJ account expired today. I’m watching “no reservations” new episode where he’s visiting Haiti.
They look like they’re playing vuvuzela, but they make different sounds. Quite interesting.

I’m really sleepy today >__<… I want a new wordpress layout.


I found out my saved last post was written march 2010. can you believe it’s already 2011? I can’t! seems last year went so fast, it’s already almost March again!
I’m going to Japan soon for a short two week visit! I’m waiting on most my new clothes to arrive. and I need to buy just a few more things, but I guess for the most part I’m ready to go, haha.
I have a lot of people to try and meet though. fufufu


I keep taking pictures of things to post and forgetting. It’s all mostly food related pictures though, haha.

My neck hurts now, and I’m horribly bored. It’s uncomfortable to watch TV from anywhere in my living room it seems though. Guess it’s a good thing I don’t watch TV too horribly often though. I was horrendously bored today though and watching a MARATHON! So several hours later I have a kink in my neck xD;… Oh well. America’s Next Top Model marathons are quite addictive. And Tyra is just so FIERCE!

I could make graphics or something now, I suppose. But I need inspiration to do that, and today like all week, I’m just annoyed. Yusei replied to me and said thank you for supporting him lately. hmm… it made me sad =(. I wasn’t sure again if I should reply and apologize for not sending supporting e-mails sooner. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but he’s intimidating… lol. but now he’s gone from Misaruka ;__;. I wonder if they’ll replace him… I think he was lead guitar. I want to ask, but ah… it’s too soon… right? and anyway I wish he hadn’t left.. but he did! i just want to know what he’ll do next! he didn’t write it in his blog T_T! I think he’ll keep using his blog though, so that’s good. I hope so ^^. He followed some people on ameba’s nau, at least (like meeee~~~~ *squeee* lol).

auugh, I’m hungry ;3;. considering if I should eat or not… I ate a lot this breakfast (two biscuits and a donut with a glass of milk! aguh!) and I just went back to sleep afterwards XD;… then I had a bean patty and rice with veggies… soooo…. maybe i should just enjoy some water lol. it’s kind of late already now anyway. but my mom made soup and it smells good ;3;. and i still have some hot and sour soup… I really wanted some biscuits with egg and gravy, but SOMEONE ate my fucking biscuits. fucking ugh! I was really annoyed by it, sorry. lol.


Long time…

hello! long time no see, hmm wordpress? my upichuppi mentioned I hadn’t updated so I’ll try harder for her! lol

I’ve included a picture I took of me and Sabastian that I took on thanksgiving. my thanksgiving was pretty fun this year ^^. it was my last holiday to have meat too! a few days after it I decided to make the full switch to being a vegetarian. aside from some annoyances with my mom thinking I’m vegan, and seeming to think that since I can eat cheese I should eat way too much! it’s been ok other than that lol.

but auugh lately I’ve been failing horribly on my diet! lol. I have been so crazy hungry! I wonder why D;. but I’ll overcome it! I can’t be having all that crazy eating of junk foods lol.

Christmas is coming up, and I’m completely broke. I don’t know what to do for gifts at all, I won’t be able to afford any PLUS my bills 😦 lol. I wonder if people will accept a rain check…? lol. I’m sure they won’t TT. but they should! I get paid again in new year’s day! lol.

then, then… what else? I think that’s all for now! it’s almost time for episode two of “Alice” on Syfy ^^.


Yesterday I went looking for Halloween clothes and shirts with my sister. We didn’t find any skirts at most of the stores we visited, and a few at one. Nothing very stylish, but it is fall so I suppose it was all fall fashions.

I was wearing a skirt that day too, so I felt more odd that there were no skirts lol.

After that we visited the Halloween store cause I was determined to make my sister try on costumes!! And we did, and she found one that fit too~! It was great! I was going to get the witch costume I took a picture in at the bottom, but I was showing her other costumes I had tried on and she said she had one that she bought last year and didn’t fit! So she said I could wear it since it was probably the same size she had bought! I went home to try on hers though and it didn’t fit! So perhaps the Halloween store put wrong size in bag at some point. Or the manufacturer may have too. Well, maybe next year, since it wasn’t too too small.

I’ll go back and hopefully get the witch costume on Tuesday lol