Trying this again?

I guess I could try to start blogging again. Maybe it’ll make me feel like less of a hermit..? Or more of one. I could come off as deep and profound, who knows?

…but most likely I’ll talk about a lot of nothing day to day things and how funny asexuality is in the world at large.

It’s 2015 now! Prepare the 80s futuristic clothing! I’ll lounge around in it with my cats, haha.

Shizuna here has beat me to lounging.

I’m not sure I’ve made any resolutions for the year. Maybe to stop trying to date people? Haha. It was a year and half of attempting that! Being a hermit is always better.

I aaaammmm going to try moving to Austin this year though! I’ll have more people to regularly hang out with. Just gotta get that license taken care of.. Which means no more sleeping all day before work, haaaah. More on all of this later!


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