Long time…

hello! long time no see, hmm wordpress? my upichuppi mentioned I hadn’t updated so I’ll try harder for her! lol

I’ve included a picture I took of me and Sabastian that I took on thanksgiving. my thanksgiving was pretty fun this year ^^. it was my last holiday to have meat too! a few days after it I decided to make the full switch to being a vegetarian. aside from some annoyances with my mom thinking I’m vegan, and seeming to think that since I can eat cheese I should eat way too much! it’s been ok other than that lol.

but auugh lately I’ve been failing horribly on my diet! lol. I have been so crazy hungry! I wonder why D;. but I’ll overcome it! I can’t be having all that crazy eating of junk foods lol.

Christmas is coming up, and I’m completely broke. I don’t know what to do for gifts at all, I won’t be able to afford any PLUS my bills 😦 lol. I wonder if people will accept a rain check…? lol. I’m sure they won’t TT. but they should! I get paid again in new year’s day! lol.

then, then… what else? I think that’s all for now! it’s almost time for episode two of “Alice” on Syfy ^^.


1 thought on “Long time…

  1. I’m happy you updated!

    Christmas is nearly the same for me (;__;), definitely wont go as I planned giftwise, but I’ll just make stuff (or draw, rather) for people instead…lol. We’ll see how that goes.

    And my diet is fail too right now TAT. Though, it’s always been hard for me to diet October, November, December. Halloween, Thankgiving & Christmas kill me, lol.

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