Yesterday I went looking for Halloween clothes and shirts with my sister. We didn’t find any skirts at most of the stores we visited, and a few at one. Nothing very stylish, but it is fall so I suppose it was all fall fashions.

I was wearing a skirt that day too, so I felt more odd that there were no skirts lol.

After that we visited the Halloween store cause I was determined to make my sister try on costumes!! And we did, and she found one that fit too~! It was great! I was going to get the witch costume I took a picture in at the bottom, but I was showing her other costumes I had tried on and she said she had one that she bought last year and didn’t fit! So she said I could wear it since it was probably the same size she had bought! I went home to try on hers though and it didn’t fit! So perhaps the Halloween store put wrong size in bag at some point. Or the manufacturer may have too. Well, maybe next year, since it wasn’t too too small.

I’ll go back and hopefully get the witch costume on Tuesday lol


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