fail cake was fail

Well, I tried to make tres leches cake yesterday, and i was really excited about it! It’s rather unfortunate that after all was said and done, the cake didn’t turn out how it was supposed to…. I don’t know.. maybe it didn’t have enough baking powder? maybe I mixed it too much? It didn’t rise enough, so it didn’t absorb the liquids really at all.

It was quite fail, and all i had to hear from my family was how it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

I thought it still tasted good!! ;_;;… I already knew it was messed up, I don’t know why they felt need to tell me again and again without telling me what would have fixed it -sigh-.

No picture cause my phone is in my room and I’m too blah to go get it to take a picture of this stupid cake. As for my family, whatever to them! i’ll eat it myself if I have to T___T;… lol


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