Today was slower than slow! Homg!
But John bought us pizza and pizza rolls from double dave’s :D. Which is ok, for pizza rolls at least. Pizza ttly ruins my diet though!! Then we had more for dinner! Well I only ate one piece so hope it’s not too horrible TT.

I really want to exercise lately but at the same time I have absolutely no motivation to do it! Especially since it’s always ridiculously hot outside X-x but I’ll never survive all the walking in Japan again without doing a lot of walking here first!! Lol. I’d like to get little to no blisters from hell again! But I know it’s impossible! Especially with my addiction for cute shoes… I’m thinking of getting some Ed Hardy shoes btw! I saw some nice ones in dillard’s. Also saw lots of funky cute shoes in journeys *_* want those too… lol. Well this time at least I’ll limit myself to only wear death shoes at places and not while walking TO places! lol >_o;. Can’t live without my death shoes you know…

Well, that’s all for now!

Enjoy a picture of my lunch! lol


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