i have nothing…

I have nothing interesting to write about today either! lol

I went to work, I felt sick all day, I went to the grocery store, I came home!
It was really hot when i got home T_T… I think the a/c is still giving problems. it’s still really hot now too.
I was waiting a bit for my friend to come home, but she didn’t. so i tried to call my sister to see if she wanted japanese food, but she didnt’ answer, so i took a nap lol. she answered me a bit later and we planned to eat japanese food tomorrow then!

but mm… my mom is barbecuing tomorrow…… why do delicious things have to coincide! i think i wanted some tempura longer though lol.

tomorrow is 4th of july! oh yeah, that reminds me happy independence day!! since it’s on the 3rd… hah…

i might go to the store tomorrow and get stuff to make s’mores too! depends on how much i have left after i eat… lol. i probably won’t hae any left cause japanese food is expensive -tear-.

uhmm.. other than that.. i did a lot of nothing all night and still felt sick! yay \:D/!


^ttly found a new awesome site. hope they have a twitter lawl.


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